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Derzeit steht SLAB View in der Version 2.0 nur mit englischer Benutzeroberfläche zur Verfügung. 

Product Data Sheet                  Specifications      

SLAB was developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of California.

SLAB User Manual      

LAB View controls this heavier-than-air gas dispersion model whichs predicts hazardous zone and potential impacts of accidental releases. It is ideal to analyze emissions from accidental releases of toxic gases.

SLAB View can model continuous, finite duration, and instantaneous releases from four types of sources: 

  • a ground-level evaporating pool
  • an elevated horizontal jet
  • a stack or elevated vertical jet
  • a ground-based instantaneous release

Complete Control Over Contours 

Specify contour levels, color shading, transparency, contour labels, fonts, and more! Includes options to export project data to other packages if desired.

Advanced contouring tools are part of the SLAB View package. There is no need to purchase an additional software package to produce professional, customized contoured results of your modeling. 

Sample for contouring the concentrations of a puff during its transport and dispersion process.

Seamless Graphical and/or Text Project Creation

SLAB View features graphical tools allowing you to rapidly create your model while generating dynamic visualization at the same time. All project objects (i.e. receptors, sources, etc.) can also be defined in text mode.

Furthermore, after defining an object graphically you automatically have access to the related text mode window where you can tweak or modify what you have defined graphically.

Graphical tools exist for many modeling objects including the above Locate Source.
An abundance of tools make your modeling very easy.

Graphical creation still lets you have control over all the fine details.

Extensive Map Support

Visualizing your site in SLAB View is easy. Our full-featured support for a variety of image and map formats allow you to design your model with confidence and view your results in context with your site. Supported site maps include:

Bitmap, DLG, DXF, JPEG, LULC, MrSID, Shapefile, TIFF/GeoTIFF

Input Requirements

In SLAB View, you define all the required SLAB input data in the Input Options dialog. The Input Options dialog contains five tabs:

  • Spill Source Type
  • Source Properties
  • Spill Parameters
  • Field Parameters
  • Met Parameters

3D Visualization – SLAB View gives you a two-dimensional depiction of the creation and spread of a plume. Now SLAB 3D can take this to the next level, giving you the first three-dimensional visualization of the creation and spread of that airborne plume originally specified in SLAB View.

3D Animations

Easily create and play three-dimensional animation showing the growth of your airborne plume over time.



Das Programm läuft auf praktisch jedem PC unter Wndows (NT4 / 2000 / XP). Auch ältere Modelle mit bspw. nur 500 MHz können hiermit sinnvoll eingesetzt werden. Sonstige Daten: 256 Mb RAM-Speicher, min. 10 GB Festplatte, OpenGL-fähige Grafikkarte.