Version 10.3

Version 10.3.0

New features

  • Implementation of the new AUSTAL version 3.2.1
    • Drifting of raindrops can be considered with the WETDRIFT option
  • WMS maps revised
    • Display problems with WMS maps fixed
    • List of WMS servers updatedt
  • New entry Web License in the settings
    • If the new option is activated, the dialog for deactivating the web license is opened when the program is closed
  • Odor evaluation revised
    • The zoom of the graphic window is maintained when running the odor evaluation
    • The display of the cell values is maintained when running the odor evaluation again
    • The last selected color palette of an odorant evaluation is automatically adopted for a further evaluation
    • Rectangular evaluation grids possible
    • Rounding of the emission center possible
    • Display of the expansion circle or ellipse now optional
    • Field boundaries are now checked before the evaluation program is started
  • Computational grid
    • When creating a grid, it is automatically enlarged to include the position of the anemometer if necessary
    • Improved automatic creation of computational grids: Transition area now at least 4 grid cells wide
  • Time scenarios
    • In the editor the support of meteorological data has been improved.

Updates and bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when creating the roughness file in the terrain calculator
  • Fixed a bug when manually resizing the computational grid in the graphics window
  • Updated format when exporting buildings in bodies.def format
  • Fixed problems with importing buildings in DMNA format
  • Problems with import of buildings in bodies.def format solved
  • input of the source diameter parameter dq now possible with 3 decimal places
  • no more error message if the anemometer location is in both inner grids
  • export of vertical line sources to shape format improved
  • error when creating the precipitation.dmna in case of data failure in AKTerm fixed
  • Fixed a bug in the positioning of the odor evaluation grid
  • Fixed a bug in the time scenario editor
  • Update and bugfix in calculation of replacement anemometer position
  • Fixed error in report output